Learn About Our Fresh Start Financing Program in Willoughby, OH

What is Fresh Auto Financing?

Sponsored exclusively in the Northeast Ohio area by Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Fresh Start Auto Financing was created specifically to provide auto loans for those who need special financing.  We understand that bad things can happen to good people.  It is common for a sudden change in income or a major, unexpected expense to impact our lives…and our credit rating. At some time, it is likely that many of us will suffer a job loss or a divorce, have unforeseen healthcare costs or have to bear the cost of funeral bills. With nearly $200 million available for special financing in the Cleveland-area, Fresh Start Auto Financing can help to get you financed.

Start Rebuilding Your Credit

Once you have obtained your Fresh Start Auto Financing, making your payments responsibly will help to improve your credit score! It's just that simple. Furthermore, our Mentor area dealership makes it easier to purchase a new vehicle with our RAM current incentives! This will help the ease the payment process as you continue to build your credit score.

How to Qualify For a New Jeep Near Mentor

If you make $600 per month you can qualify. That's all. Come into the Adventure Auto Group dealership nearest you and meet with a Fresh Start Auto Financing expert. In most cases, Fresh Start Auto Financing participants drive away in their vehicle that day!

For more information, call 1-833-FRESH-START (1-833-373-7478). You can also contact us or give Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge a call at (440) 946-5700.

Today could be the day, when you get the quality vehicle that you need-while you start building the credit you want. At Fresh Start Auto Financing, good things can begin today!

1.      Hood release
2.      Brake fluid
3.      Power steering fluid filled
4.      Wiper/washer fluid filled
5.      Battery condition/load test
6.      Door/lift-gate/trunk
7.      Seat adjuster
8.      Steering column adjuster
9.      Ignition switch
10.    Malfunction indicator lamp/warning lamp
11.    Air bag system
12.    Trip computer/overhead console
13.    Turn signal/hazard lamps
14.    Horn
15.    Brake lamps
16.    Headlamp/high beam /low beam
17.    Interior lamps
18.    Fog lamp
19.    Windshield wiper system operation
20.    Wiper blades in good condition
21.    Rearview mirrors
22.    Side view mirrors
23.    Seat belts
24.    Ease of starting
25.    Gear selector operation

26.    Power steering performance
27.    Steering wheel center alignment
28.    Vehicle tracking performance
29.    Overdrive
30.    Instrument panel/gauges
31.    Clutch operation (manual transmission)
32.    Overall stopping performance
33.    All fluid levels (under-hood)
34.    Hot restart performance
35.    Change engine oil and oil filter
36.    Inspect air filter
37.    Automatic transmission fluid levelling
38.    Manual transmission fluid levelling
39.    Engine coolant level and test
40.    Front brakes have 25% or more of lining remaining
41.    Front and rear brake component condition
42.    Rear brakes have 25% or more of lining remaining
43.    Tread depth has a minimum of 4/32" remaining
44.    Tire pressures are set to manufacturers' specifications
45.    Brake-line condition
46.    Exhaust system
47.    Front suspension
48.    Rear suspension
49.    Steering components
50.    Wheel bolts torqued to specifications

Disclaimer:  All vehicles sold in the U.S. may be subject to factory recall. Visit www.safercar.gov for information about recalls

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